SEO Optimization Mistakes and How To Deal With It

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If you are one of the millions of freelancers who are having problems with google rankings, you are not alone in your confusion. These days, optimizing websites and blogs are one of the considerations of marketers, bloggers and writers. Most companies also hire a reliable team of SEO strategist and experts for optimization services, such as Seattle-based SEO companies and experts. But why?

It is mainly because a well-optimized page is a determinant of the failure or success of a company’s online presence. It is also an excellent help for you to establish and make your brand as a freelance professional known to the public. Maybe you are one of those who are wondering why Google hasn’t ranked your page yet, or you’re are just gaining few shares and readers, or worse, Google has banned your page for violations after several months or even years of confidently publishing fresh and engaging content.

If you have experienced any of these problems, here are some common SEO optimization problems and how to deal with it.

Duplicate Title Tags and Contents

Duplicate titles and contents have always been an issue. There are so many issues connected to copyright and plagiarism that writers need to create content that is unique and interesting. Research thoroughly and cite credible sources and be reliable. Choose the right words to use and engage your readers.

 Too Many Keywords Stuffed into the Article

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When writers use the keyword too often in the article, it could be the problem why Google hasn’t ranked your page yet or why Google has banned your page. Before, keyword stuffing was one of the best SEO strategies to help your page get into the rankings. However, the problem begins as soon as you overdo things like putting too many keywords on content. Stuffing too many keywords that are no longer relevant is annoying to read.

Also, keywords must be included in the article naturally and organically, which means that the keyword must come up as a natural progression of the article’s discussion. When you write content for your website, the keywords are essential, but the whole article must be interesting to your target audience too.

Less for the Readers

One common reason why a site or a page is built is because of the revenues you can get from shares and reads. But, the content on many websites become too focused on marketing and selling their products and services. But content that provides helpful information to your audience is attractive as well.

Creating content for your target audience makes your page more engaging and interesting. Also, the page does not only serve as a marketing tool, but also as a genuine service to the online community and the target market.

What are the essential things they can learn from the content? How can you help and what can you do? With such an approach, you can make fresh and engaging content that is not only for Google rankings and increasing revenues but also lending genuine help to all the people who are reading your content.

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