Affordable Alternatives for a Confident Smile

confident smile

Several elements in your life will affect your self-confidence. There is little you can do about some, but you have control over others. One of the elements you can change is an imperfect smile. Over 90% of people suffer varying levels of lowered self-esteem and mental health conditions owing to an imperfect smile. They will thus keep to themselves and rarely smile to avoid showing people the imperfections in their oral cavity.

While most appreciate that a dentist in Fort Worth has several alternatives for a perfect smile, they assume these are meant for the rich, celebrities and models. This might mostly have been the case in years past because of the significant monetary investment needed for treatments to fix multiple issues that affect your smile’s quality. Thankfully, innovation has now significantly reduced the costs of manufacturing the dental appliances used for the management of various dental issues. You can thus now get a perfect smile at astonishingly low prices. Here are some of your inexpensive treatment alternatives.

Tooth Reshaping and Contouring

Reshaping or contouring of your teeth is a painless and fast treatment used for fixing misshapen, overlapping and chipped teeth. The position, profile and length of your teeth will be altered in tooth contouring to make them perfectly straight and well-aligned. The procedure starts with x-rays that will identify the location and size of your dental pulp. This ensures you have enough jawbone to support your teeth along with the changes brought about by treatment.

Composite Bonding

This is used for the management of misshapen teeth, discoloration, chips, gaps, and misaligned bites. In bonding, a tooth-colored dental enamel or composite resin is placed on the tooth to be treated then cemented in place. The dentist will first drill the decay that might exist in your teeth and then roughen the tooth’s surface to boost the adhesion of the bonding material. While bonding is the least expensive route to a perfect smile, it is not so durable.

Dental Crowns

These will fix decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth and those with minor misalignment. Like bonding, dental crowns will boost not only your smile but also the functional strength of your teeth. They are like ‘’caps’’ placed on your teeth to cover their entire surface. They will thus last longer compared to bonding materials that only cover a portion of your tooth.


white teeth

You will undeniably come across several teeth whitening products at your local store and chemist. Though they will promise optimal results, they are generally inefficient and have a high risk of affecting your gums because of the chemicals used in them. Professional dental whitening features different appliances to protect your gums and is thus your safest option for getting brilliant white teeth. The techniques and products used in professional whitening are also well-balanced to guarantee a dazzling white smile.

The above alternatives fall under the category of cosmetic dental treatments. Some people thus mistakenly assume they are non-essential treatments that have no bearing on their overall oral health. They nonetheless make it easy to clean your teeth and get rid of fissures and imperfections in which bacteria will thrive. This, in turn, improves your oral and general body health.

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