Why You Should Prefer Instagram to Facebook for Your Business

Instagram on a mobile device

Social media has become the most effective marketing tool for people everywhere. Every B2B digital agency will recommend that you use social media to reach your target market because it is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to showcase your products. Back then, Facebook was the primary marketing tool that businesses used to reach their target market. But it seems that Instagram is starting to catch up. Some say that it will even overtake the social media giant in the coming years. Here are the reasons Instagram is better for your business than Facebook:

Instagram cornered the mobile industry

You have to admit that between the two, it’s a lot easier to use Instagram on your phone than Facebook, and that means a lot for business owners. Majority of people these days use their smartphones more than they use their laptops or computers. If you focus your marketing efforts on using Instagram, then you’ll have the advantage of reaching more customers than if you use Facebook.

Also, it’s easier to promote your business through Instagram due to it being mobile-friendly. If you have a new product that you want to share with your customers, like a new cupcake flavor that you have invented, just pick up your phone, take a picture of the cupcake, and upload it to Instagram. Your followers will see what you’ve just posted.

Instagram is built for entrepreneurs

If you’ve been using Instagram for a long time, you’ll notice that it’s easier to purchase stuff there than on any other social media platform. You just click on the image of a product you like, and you’ll be able to pay for it digitally. On other websites, you have to go to another site to complete your purchase.

Instagram is making it easier for people to do business on their platform. There are fewer features on it that can be distracting. Just browse through the product images and click on anything that you want to buy, and you’ll have your item delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Instagram is more open to developers

Instagram is much more accommodating when it comes to allowing developers to work together with them. According to a report, Instagram is opening its doors to Spotify, GoPro, and other platforms. This means that people using other social media platforms can share their content with Instagram using those other platforms. Imagine what you can do for your business with this development. If your business is into bike rentals, then you can attach a GoPro to your bike, ride around your area while taking a video. You can upload the video to your Instagram account instantly.

Instagram looks better

Instagram on a laptop monitor

Another advantage of Instagram over Facebook is that the former is easier on the eyes. Facebook’s agenda since its inception is to give people what they want. In effect, they have peppered their site with so many features. On the other hand, Instagram focuses mainly on featuring images, which is a lot simpler and again easier on the eyes.

For a business owner, this could prove to be an advantage because some customers can be easily distracted. You need to help them focus solely on your products and nothing else. Instagram is better than Facebook in this regard.

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