Must-Have Organic Spices for Grilling

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Getting together with your friends and family does not have to mean an expensive vacation or a meal at a fancy restaurant. Among the best ways to spend time with your loved ones is a barbecue party. If you are the one hosting the barbecue party, you should aim to make the best impression on your guests.

Getting the best-tasting grilled meat is, however, not as easy as having the right grill temperature and picking the best meat cuts. There are some bulk organic herbs and spices you should get since these will make the difference between bland-tasting grilled meat and a mouthwatering dish. Here are the must-have spices for grilling.


This is a powder available in smoked, sweet, and spicy varieties from sweet red pepper pods. Paprika has a vibrant and smooth color and a light flavor. It adds a depth of intensity and flavor to your grilled dishes in a smoky yet hot and sweet way. You can pair it with vegetable mixes, seafood rubs, and garlicky marinades.


This spice belongs to the ginger family. It is common in spice mixes from the Middle East, India, and the Caribbean. It has a vivid orange color that adds a splash of color to your grilled food, more so to chicken and fish. Turmeric also has a rich, light, and sharp earthy flavor, which adds a punch to your dishes without overpowering their flavors.


Spices on a wooden surfaceGround cumin is a versatile spice and can be used in virtually all types of food. It is commonly blended with chili powder and used as a base for mixes for taco seasoning, but it has a wide flavor profile. It is renowned for its earthy, warm, hearty, and rich flavor with a citrus edge, which will accentuate the sweet flavor of root vegetables and enhance your meat’s flavor.

Onion and Garlic Powder

Onions and garlic might have two different flavors to most people, but they are mostly the same. Other than salt, onion and garlic powder can be used to provide zestiness, sweetness, and nuttiness to almost all dishes. This powder can be used on all types of red and white meat, seafood, and vegetables. It is unfortunately easy to use too much, which can ruin your dish. As such, you should be careful to add just enough to get your desired flavor.

Dried Herbs

These are a blend of cilantro, basil, oregano, rosemary, and sage. Although these commonly come in a fresh variety, the dried and blended variety allows you to use all of them without fear of one herb overpowering the others or the spice going bad. Since dried herbs are somewhat bitter, use less of them than you would of the fresh variety. They are essential for a sweet aroma in your barbecue.

Most people are opting to forego spices in their dishes as part of their healthy living strategy. This is because most spices have been linked to a range of lifestyle conditions. The organic herbs and spices mentioned above are grown free from harmful chemicals. As such, they pose no harm to your body and will, in fact, boost your health in several ways.

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