Tips for Making Your Senior Loved Ones More Independent

Senior Couple Running Along Beach

Independence is something seniors value highly as they approach the latter part of their years. As a loved one, this is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give them. Here are some tips on how to help your senior loved one become independent.

Give them a mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters are perfect because they’re built to be easily handled with just a touch of the fingers. They’re also built smaller nowadays to make it easier for the user to move around hallways or small spaces — making them great for shopping.

This gives seniors that chance to perform many of the basic tasks without any detriment to their health. You can also purchase mobility scooter accessories online that can improve the usefulness of the scooter. For example, baskets and bottle holders can be placed on the scooter for shopping expeditions.

Outfit your home to include grasping bars.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for seniors would be getting up on their feet after sitting. This is why bars should be installed all over the house where they are most needed.

The bathroom is a good place to start as well as the bedroom. By putting these in place, seniors can hold onto something as they maneuver their body to match the position they want to have.

seniors exercisingInstall automated features around the home.

You can replace certain aspects of the home with products that are much easier to use. For example, you can use taps that turn on as soon as they sense a hand underneath.

You can place motion activated lights which would remove the necessity for seniors to reach out and flick on the switch. They’re small things, but they can go a long way in limiting movement and thus, limiting the possibility of injury.

Get rid of the steps.

If your home has levels or steps all over, you might want to get rid of that. Seniors have a hard time stepping on and off elevated floors, even if the elevation is just a few inches or so. Instead, install a ramp on the space to make it easier for seniors to move across one part to another. If you have a scooter at home, then the steps will definitely have to go.

Clear the place of clutter.

The biggest problem senior’s face in a home is clutter. It’s best to keep the space clear of anything that can cause them to stumble on the floor. Note that bones can be quite fragile so any fall can cause serious damage to them physically.

If possible, adjust the furniture so that there’s space big enough for a scooter to pass through and do a complete 180-degree turn. By doing this, seniors wouldn’t have to worry about constantly bumping onto something. Remove any items that may break around the house.

Of course, don’t forget that despite all these, your senior relatives still need help when it comes to difficult or dangerous situations. Always be there to offer support if not physically, then emotionally.

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