Getting Started with Engraving

Craftsman engraving a plate

There are many artistic skills out there, but one of the more impressive ones is engraving. Being able to leave your mark on a variety of materials is a useful and lucrative skill. However, don’t immediately go out and buy a laser engraving machine when you’re just beginning to learn the art. You’re working with the basics, so there’s no need to get fancy yet. Once you’ve developed the skills, you can go back to that idea.

When you’re just starting, here are the things that you will need:

A Sense of Commitment

The first thing you’ll need is not something physical, it is more like a state of mind. Don’t think that you will be coasting through this. Engraving is a difficult skill and you will likely make many mistakes before you do a great job. You must be committed to learning the skill. This is long-term learning and not just a hobby to mix in with others. If you are the type who just learns something via watching YouTube videos, then engraving is probably not the skill for you.

Enrollment in a Class

Before buying anything, you need to sign up for an engraving class. These engraving classes are a great way to learn the basics of engraving. They will also be your first major test of commitment to the engraving art. If you walk out of your first class and don’t feel excited about it, then you’re probably not meant to be an engraver.

The great thing about classes is that they familiarize you with the tools that you can use without spending a dime. First-class instruction can also improve your skill in no time. Learning by watching and reading about it is different from actually using your hands to engrave. Several hours at an engraving class will give you the basics that you need to progress and become an amateur engraver.

Essential Tools

Workers standing by the laser engraving machineAs an amateur, it’s time to start buying the tools you need for engraving. You should have enough of a handle of things that you can start using power tools in your engraving. You’ll find that this makes engraving faster and easier than just depending on hammers and chisels. Don’t think of buying the fancier laser engravers yet, though. Those machines are for serious engravers who usually work with tougher materials and require more experience.

It’s not just the base engraving tools you’ll want to buy, you’ll also need to buy safety equipment to protect your eyes and hands during engraving. If your tools need sharpening, you should also have sharpening equipment and learn how to use it.

A Specific Material

Finally, you’ll want something to engrave on. Wood is the easiest and softest material to use. It’s easy to find as well. However, metals and stone can also be used as your “canvas” for your engraving art. Focus on a single material, though, so you’ll know how to manipulate and engrave on it.

Engraving is a skill that can give you a sense of accomplishment and become a potential source of income. Start learning it now, so you can start making your own works of art in no time.

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