Don’t Risk the State Pulling Your Driving License

Woman holding out her driver's license while inside the car

If you get a notice in the mail stating that you need to attend a traffic survival school in Arizona, you probably need to rethink your conduct on the road. See, the MVD sends out such letter to errant drivers who flaunt the traffic rules. Taking these classes seeks to achieve two goals — punish you for the traffic infraction while improving your awareness while on the road.

While the letter might not explicitly say so, failing to take the classes can wreak havoc in your life. For one, the MVD can revoke your driving privileges and suspend your license.

The heavy guns

If a judge or the MVD deems you the perfect candidate for traffic survival school in AZ, they are bringing out the heavy guns. It means that you have something of notoriety when it comes to flaunting traffic rules. Only the repeat or serious traffic offenders are sent to the school.

The program operates on the premise that you need a little more in the way of education to make you a better driver on the road. The main idea is to make roads all across Arizona safe for all road users.

Red light violation, aggressive driving, DUI, racking 8-12 point in 12 months, and a traffic conviction as a graduated driver will earn a place in this school. The curriculum is relatively short, about eight hours’ worth of learning. There’s one catch though- you must attend in person for it to count.

A silver lining

Man showing his driver's license

If you keep a tight schedule, these mandatory lessons might only seem to be getting in the way. However, such a view can’t be further from the truth. See, having your license pulled can ruin your life. Many motorists don’t appreciate the inconvenience that comes with it until it’s too late.

Without a reliable means of transport, you’d find it a tad challenging to keep your job. If that happens, you will find your life turned upside down as you’re now left without a reliable source of income. Unfortunately, the situation gets only worse from there.

See, having your license pulled puts an indelible black mark on your driving license that sends the wrong message to the insurance companies. Such a strike denotes you as a high-risk driver. To the insurers, that means you’re likely to rack up claims in quick succession. As a result, your insurance company will adjust your premium rates upwards for the next five years or so.

The state of Arizona, alongside the Motor Vehicle Department, doesn’t take too kindly to drivers who like to flaunt the traffic rules. As a result, they will come down hard on any motorists who are convicted of traffic offenses. Luckily, they’re gracious enough to give erring motorists a chance to atone for their transgressions.

It’s in your best interest to make the most of such an opportunity as failing to do so leads to the withdrawal of your driving privilege. If that should happen, you might find your life turned upside down as you might find it quite challenging to hold down a job in the absence of a reliable means of transportation.

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