Why Social Media Is Important to Your Dental Clinic

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When you think of dentistry, the last thing on your mind is social media. Who would in their right mind think of posting a picture of themselves inside a dental clinic in Columbus, Ohio on Instagram? That’s just absurd, if not corny.

But surprisingly, social media came up when experts started talking about the trends that would make waves in dental practice this 2019. According to those people who follow trends in all industries, people in dental practice will be able to increase the number of their patients if they use social media as their marketing arm.

So if you want to have more people coming into your clinic, then you should learn more about how to use social media as your marketing tool. Here are some ways you can do that:

Pain-free content

One of the reasons why a lot of people dislike going to the dentist is that they associate it with pain. You have to let them know that it’s totally different now. Most of the procedures are pain-free. You should post articles on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts that talk about pain-free procedures to convince your existing patients and new ones to come visit you.

Even better, you can also post videos of people on YouTube getting a root canal or having a tooth extracted in which none of them seems to be in pain. That way, you’ll convince people even more that dental practice today has improved so much that someone will rarely feel pain during a visit to the dentist.

Reviews of your service

Another way to ensure people that you’re doing a good job is to ask your patients to review the way you treated them and post it online. Post testimonials from your patients who had a positive experience while they were in your clinic. It’s your prerogative to post the negative ones online as well. Although it would be much better to just keep the negative comments to yourself and use them as tips on how to improve your facility and your services.

Creativity with Instagram

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People these days are much more visual in the sense that they are more eager to check out a post if the image accompanying that post catches their eye. So make use of Instagram and post content there regularly. But try to be creative with your posts. Don’t just post images of your clinic or your patients because it will become repetitive and dull in an instant.

Instead, post inspiring photos of people having fun. You can add an article there about the positive effects of having healthy teeth and gums. You can even post an image of a girl and a guy intimately speaking with each other. Then post an accompanying article saying that one of the benefits of cleaning your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly is that you’re more confident to speak with anyone.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding ways to promote your dental practice on social media. All you have to do is dig deep into your creative side and let it loose on your social media platforms.

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