Three Uncommon Franchising Ideas

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Franchising is a way of growing one’s business by letting other businesses borrow the brand name. The franchiser is the independent businessman who has perfected the business model and the operations of a particular business. They lend the right to sell products using the same model and branding to other independent businessmen. In return, the franchisee has the pay the franchiser a fee.

The franchiser provides all kinds of operational support and advice to the business that is buying the franchise. Buying a franchise is a good idea for you if you are a small business with limited capital. Buying a franchise is cheaper than establishing a business from scratch. It has less risk, and it allows you to operate the business in a relatively worry-free way. If you are thinking of starting a franchise, here are some uncommon franchise ideas for you:

1. Companies that provide home cleaning services

People don’t generally assume franchising is necessary for cleaning businesses. However, they provide a great option for people who are looking for advice and expertise. There are many options if you choose to go this way. A variety of franchises offer a number of differentiated services such as traditional cleaning, deep cleaning, and commercial cleaning. The advantages for you include professional quality equipment and training. If the franchisor has well developed scheduling software or database management system, you can also benefit from using this. You can also get deals from suppliers and get better quality products.

2. Franchising a tutoring center

Another option for potential franchisees is to open up a tutoring center. Tutoring franchises provide all kinds of support, such as training, marketing, operations support, and support with classroom technologies. Education franchise opportunities also exist for people without a lot of prior experience in operating businesses. The franchisers can provide training on how to make the business a success through proper management. They can also put you in touch with other franchisees, so it is easier to share ideas for success and gain mentorship.

3. Franchises that provide consultancy

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Consulting franchises essentially provide consulting services to clients from different kinds of industries. They provide training, mentoring, advice with business plans and such services to burgeoning businesses. There is a wide range of consulting franchises to choose from. Some provide consulting for women executives, while others provide consulting for small businesses. You can choose among the various options based on your area of expertise. There are even franchises for franchise consultants, which provides consulting to other people seeking to start their own franchises. This is a good option due to the diverse range of options that you can direct your business toward.

These are only some examples of the many different types of franchises that you can purchase for a reasonable price. The traditional and more expensive options, such as restaurant chains, retail, and automotive shops are always there as a safe bet. But if you are planning on broadening your horizon and going for something unusual, keep these in mind.

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