The Three Most Important Digital Marketing Practices

Digital Marketing

Over the past decade, opportunities for marketing in the digital business space has grown exponentially, thanks to the rise of the age of social media. Now, digital marketing is no longer a luxury, but an essential business process without which a company cannot hope to thrive in the 21st century.

We asked digital marketing experts WWHaT Digital, a leading B2B digital marketing agency in Taiwan (one of the world’s fastest-growing digital economies) about some of the most essential digital marketing practices out there.

Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Each platform where your business is marketing needs to have a diverse digital marketing strategy that is the best fit for the platform’s target audience and usage: Facebook strategies should incorporate a strong audience participation aspect to it in an effort to create a strong and self-sustaining community of your business’ clients and partners.

Meanwhile, Instagram campaigns should rely heavily on eye-catching visuals and quick, entertaining videos to entice potential customers to onboard, while LinkedIn profiles should be geared towards highly informational and formal content, which is befitting the platforms more professional niche.

In today’s market, it’s not enough to have a website (although it is essential): companies who want to thrive in the digital business space need to have a diverse and strong digital presence across various channels and platforms.

Content and email

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing!

Despite being a major communication channel (with billions of people still using email every day), a lot of businesses seem to write-off email marketing as an antiquated, even annoying and unnecessary, marketing channel.

Big mistake!

Email marketing is as strong and as effective as ever, if it’s done right, and the only way to do it right is to evolve out of the old, generic spiels and towards a more personalized and engaging strategy that targets your individual users needs and addresses their unique pain points. Using a combination of analytics, psychographs, and other data points (and, of course, great copywriting), companies can automate their email marketing strategies without sounding robotic and template.

Content Will Always Be King (But Only If It’s Done Right)

Even if you have all the latest digital marketing tools and the best strategies, it will fail if your content isn’t great. But what constitutes ‘great’ in the age of social media?

Simple: honest, engaging, and genuine content. In the digital age, customers are no longer swayed by the old, advertising practices of selling a product simply for the sake of owning it. Rather, modern consumers are all about buying products that can address a specific issue or pain point that they have. Your products need to have value, but they also need to add value to your customer’s life. In the 21st century, you can’t sell refrigerators to Eskimos anymore!

To this end, you’re going to need content that talks about your product in a way that lets customers know that their issues and pain points will be addressed by your product. Bear this in mind when you make content, and it won’t matter whether you’re making a Facebook post, an IG live video, or a LinkedIn PDF: it’s going to work, and your customers will love you for it.

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