Using Technology for Modern Apartment Living

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The use of technology makes people’s lives more convenient. Aside from convenience, technology can also help people save costs and ensure safety. All these things are on the list of young professionals who are the new breed of apartment renters. As such, landlords must look into how to incorporate technology into the units they rent out. These inclusions will help to attract renters. Here are some ways that one can use technology in apartment living.

Heat Interface Units

Installing an HIU system in a multi-family residential is a smart move. With this renewable technology, you can save on costs and space. A heat interface unit ensures that a central boiler can provide heat and domestic hot water to each unit.

With this technology in place, renters can maximize space on their flats. They do not need to have an individual boiler fitted on their dwelling. Thus, they can still use this space for other things that they want to put in their homes.

Also, renters get to enjoy a higher level of luxury. They have domestic hot water on demand and efficiently-controlled heating on their apartments. They do not have to worry about fluctuating temperatures.

HIUs are also environment-friendly because they have a lesser carbon footprint. Renters are also assured of a fair meter reading of their consumption. The advantages of having an HIU make it an excellent addition to apartment living.

Smart Locks

One major concern of renters is their safety. Some people have their minds on their to-do list even before they step out of their homes. Thus, they tend to forget if they have locked their doors. Smart locks are the perfect answer to such a predicament. Homeowners can check and do this task anywhere using their smartphone. Some smart locks are voice-activated. This can help in instances like when you have your hands full of grocery bags.

Smart locks also help in case of a trusted cleaner or a family member/close friend dropping by when you are not at home. With your permission and a few clicks, they can enter your home. The cleaner can do their tasks and you can come home to a clean apartment. Your visitor does not need to have a wasted trip. Instead, they can wait for you to come home. The important thing about smart locks is to change the entry codes on a regular basis. As such, you have full control of who goes into your home.

Smart Thermostats

It is a welcome treat to come home to a place with a well-regulated temperature. This is possible with a smart thermostat. Even as you are on your way home, you can prepare the level of temperature that you want as you step into your apartment.

Smart thermostats are energy-efficient because they can adapt to your preferences. It allows a homeowner to have more control over how their heating and cooling system works. They do not have to be uncomfortable with too high or too low temperatures.

Also, smart thermostats come with reports about your usage. As a homeowner, you would understand how you can adjust your routine to help you save on energy and costs.

Smart Video Monitoring

Some renters have to leave pets when they go to work. Some leave their babies with a babysitter. Thus, it is convenient for them to have “an eye” while they are away. The fear of having someone break into their homes is another concern for most people. Smart indoor cameras are the best solution for these instances. These devices record and stream the footage to your device.

Aside from the basic video recording features, these cameras have microphones and speakers. These add-ons allow you to “talk through” the camera. When installing these devices, one must be aware of being respectful of one’s privacy. Neighbors and visitors may not find it a welcome thought that they can get recorded.

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Automatic Shutdown Sockets

Most apartment renters lead a busy lifestyle. One of the things that they forget is to unplug devices that are not in use. Some examples are television sets, DVD players, and sound systems. Then there are those phone and laptop chargers that never get unplugged. This is despite the absence of the device itself from the charger. All these things add up to your electricity bill even if they are only in standby mode.

A great solution for this is to have automatic shutdown sockets. These sockets are also called “smart” power outlets. Their infrared sensors or timers shut down or cut power to devices that are not in use. Some of these sockets have a motion detector, too. Thus, when a room is not occupied, it turns off the outlets. Unplugging is still the best option. But, this piece of technology can help cut electricity costs.

Some renters will take the initiative to install some of these features as they move in. But, as a property owner who wants to attract tenants, you can consider having some of these technologies. Offer not only a dwelling place, but convenience, safety, and the chance to save costs, as well.

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