Starting a Business in the Health Care Industry Without a Medical Background


You know what they say, right? The medical profession is a noble profession, but health care is business. It always has been about business, and it’s a profitable one to boot. The common mistake people make when thinking of entering this market is that they shouldn’t because it is too crowded. But isn’t an overcrowded industry a sign that it has a huge market? Isn’t that a sign that it’s a continuously booming market and that’s why so many players want a slice of the pie?

When did people don’t care about their health and wellness? People are always concerned about their well-being. No matter your economic status, educational background, and social status, you want to be healthy and happy. You are willing to buy products and services to make sure you get to that point. This is why as of this year, the health care industry is an $11.9-trillion market. That’s not counting the fact that it will make another leap next year if a pharmaceutical company announces a coronavirus vaccine.

It’s an $11.9-trillion market. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that? It’s normal to think that you have to stay away from this market because you’re not even in the medical field. But there are still plenty of things you can offer even if you’re not a doctor, nurse, medical technologist, or hospital administrator.


The health care industry is a special niche. Marketing businesses in this niche is different than marketing a business in another field. You can start one of the few healthcare marketing consultancies that offer specialized marketing strategies and programs for the health industry. If you already have a background in marketing, this will be easier to set up. However, to understand the ins and outs of the industry, you still need to consult with medical professionals and experts.


That leads to this point. Medical professionals don’t run health care businesses on their own. They need a lot of guidance from public health experts, accountants, marketing professionals, tech experts, content writers, and many more. What kind of background do you have? You can consult with health care businesses to guide them in developing products and services, designing marketing ideas, and even bringing their websites to life.

IT Services

The health care industry is a special one in terms of its information technology needs. You can design apps, software, and even devices to cater to their special needs. For example, senior adults often have a hard time living on their own, but they also don’t want to transfer to an assisted-living facility. A personal nurse, on the other hand, is expensive.

What some companies did to address this problem is to create a device that could send a signal to an operator when it detects something out of the ordinary. The senior adult can wear this device even while in the shower. It can send a warning if the person wearing it suddenly becomes unresponsive or if the blood pressure or heart rate dropped or spiked.


spa and wellness business items

Do you have a background in nutrition? Or, are you a gym instructor? That’s also part of the health care industry. Now that people are concerned more than ever about their health, you can offer your assistance in crafting a healthy menu for them every day.

If you’re a gym trainer, you can create online classes that they should follow from the comforts of their home. Be a little different in such that you will only make use of things most people already have in their homes. Don’t require them to buy expensive gym equipment.

Alternative Medicine

How much do people want to be healthy? Complementary or alternative medicine has no therapeutic claims. Yet, people continue to buy into them because they help them feel healthier. The most common types of alternative medicine are Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. Go to Chinatown. You will see an array of East Asian herbs and spices that promise healing from a variety of ailments.

Content Producer

So you are not a medical professional and you don’t have any background in health care. How can you help this market? If you’re a good content producer, you can start a blog or a YouTube channel. But for your content to be relevant, you need to invite medical professionals and experts to talk about the current issues in health care. People love to hear what health experts think about a variety of topics—from health insurance to the coronavirus outbreak to future challenges in the industry.

You are missing out on a lot by not capitalizing on your strengths and making them fit into the health care field. There are plenty of opportunities here. Think long and hard about what you can offer to this market.

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