Seattle Is Losing the Weight War, but It’s Not Over Yet!

Obesity is on the rise in Seattle. From the low of 10 percent in the 1990s, obesity rates have climbed to the high 20s and are in line to break 30 percent in two to three years. Obesity is dangerous. It magnifies the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. However, you can stave off obesity or even prevent it all together with a few minor tweaks to your lifestyle. Here are a few of them:

Get Moving with a Bunch of Friends

Get some exercise — preferably with friends or a group of people. Crossfit is a favorite activity in Seattle, and some of the reasons for its popularity are social dynamics and the feeling of belonging. You compete with each other and yet feed off each other’s strengths as well. Even as you strive for the top scores, you also want everyone to succeed as well. Group activities can increase your motivation and give you that extra boost of adrenaline. Committing to a group also increases your chance of sticking to a program compared to just exercising on your own. Team sports activities are also great exercise options if you have the required numbers. Weekly games with friends can become sustainable fitness routines that can benefit every participant.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Swimming is one of the most efficient activities for burning calories. Brisk movements coupled with water resistance allows you to build muscles as you burn calories. Swimming also puts very little strain on the body; this is especially important if you suffer from joint pains. Swimming is also one of the safest activities with regards to injuries. Unless you’re swimming in an Ironman race with thousands of competitors by your side, there is very little chance for you to get injured. Another factor that makes swimming especially suitable for weight loss is water. Water disperses your body heat at a rapid rate — stimulating an autonomic physical reaction called thermogenesis. This reaction forces your body to burn fat to maintain your regular body temperature. Even if all you do is immerse your body in water, thermogenesis will naturally occur. In unusually cold water (around 50F or below), a 15-30 minute soak can burn enough calories as a 15-30 minute jog.

Add Fitness to your Phone


Seattle employers have started using fitness apps to engage their employees in healthy practices and wellness programs. Goal-oriented fitness apps are known to be highly effective in preventing diabetes and initiating weight loss. Smartphones have become integral parts of everyone’s daily lives, and integrating them into your fitness routine is only logical. A fitness app can remind you of your goals, suggest wellness programs, and keep you eating healthy.

A fit body is a strong foundation for a healthy future. Whether you prefer to hang out with your friends or do things on your own, regular exercise is essential for a robust constitution. Make sure to keep track of your activities, the food you eat, and your overall fitness goals.

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