Niche Jobs Within the Beauty Industry that Pay Well

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When we think of the beauty industry, we often think of only the most obvious professions: hair stylists, makeup artists, and the likes. But a look at the products we surround ourselves with reveals the extent of this industry. There are many jobs within it that do not come to our minds at first but are still very well-paid jobs that require a high level of skill and creativity. Take a look at some of these niche professions that would be of interest to people choosing this career path.

1. Scalp micropigmentation practitioner

The hair restoration and treatment sector is a large part of the beauty industry. There are various professions that are accommodated, and one of the better-paying ones is that of a scalp micropigmentation practitioner. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is the process of inserting tiny amounts of pigments into hair follicles to create the illusion of a tightly cropped layer of hair. It is an effective cosmetic cover-up for hair loss. To become a practitioner, you need to go through SMP training from an accredited practice.

2. Image consultant

If you prefer a job that gives you more leeway to channel your creativity, then an image consultant position might be the ideal job for you. Image consultants work to essentially give their clients makeovers if the clients are not happy with their current image. But be ready for hard work as the job of an image consultant is holistic. You will not only improve the bodily appearance of your client, but you may be in charge of changing their overall communication style and behavior. It requires grit and an extensive personal network to get to the top, but the payoffs can be immense.

3. Permanent cosmetic professional

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The work of a permanent cosmetic professional (PCP) is within the branch of cosmetology. Cosmetology deals with skin care and the best solutions to skin care problems. It can require extensive training and skills, as well as accreditation from licensed institutions, but the wages earned by PCPs are very high. You will also have to make sure that you are in compliance with state laws as these can vary. Some practices may be banned in certain places. Within the broad category of PCPs, you can choose to go into permanent tattooing, laser hair removal, or hair implantation.

4. Nail artist

This fun and artistic profession is a good way to turn your passion into a career. The best way to become a nail artist is to go through a nail technician training program and get accredited. You will also need a license to practice, depending on state regulations, as you will also have to deal with nail care processes such as nail filing and maintenance. Highly successful nail artists can earn high figures.

The beauty industry has many subtle outlets for one to explore their passion. Being good at what you do is rewarded both monetarily and with social respect. Excellent beauticians can reach near celebrity status. With hard work, persistence, and creativity, you can definitely reach the top.

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