Is Getting a Health Insurance for International Students Ideal?

health insurance for international students

If you’re a go-getter and an achiever, studying abroad should be included in your plans. Studying in a foreign place not only upgrades your learning experience, but it also allows you to be introduced to a different culture. Experiences like these should happen at a young age.

“The world is your canvass,” as they say. Studying abroad, however, comes with a few considerations like accommodation, budget, etc. Aside from those, you should get health insurance. You’ll never know when you would need it so it’s better to be prepared. With that, here are the things you should remember if you’re going to study abroad.


A lot can happen when you’re in a different place, but you won’t have to worry about health-related expenses if you get insurance. Take note, though, that it might be best to buy a different one from what you might already have. Most health insurance for international college students helps take care of a student’s medical expenses when abroad.

Most universities and colleges require insurance before admission. You would want to get it soon because you’re not covered by the health bill of the country you’re in, as you’re not its citizen. This is the sensible choice because healthcare can be expensive when you’re in a different place. You can use this for medical emergencies and other health-related activities while you’re studying abroad. To add, having health insurance means you don’t have to pay the full price for doctor’s fees. Your health insurance provider will take care of that as well.


Some benefits that international students get when they have insurance are coverage for sports and other types of injuries, hospitalization, maternity costs, prescriptions, and even mental health consultations. Students who travel with their families can get added insurance for their family members. It’s important to note, though, that this has additional costs.

Most insurance coverage doesn’t need renewal. This means students are covered for the duration of their study. They only need to buy one insurance plan, which is already good to last as long as they’re studying. As a student, you don’t have to break the bank to get insurance. Most health insurance for international college and university students are affordable. This is because students (the young ones) are typically healthy.

Types and Costs

For students coming to the United States, an estimated amount of $1500 is needed to cover for at least one year of study. Of course, the prices depend from one insurance provider to another. What’s important is you find the insurance suited for you.

Lastly, J1 visa holders will get at least $100,000 coverage for every illness or accident. If evacuation is needed, the insurance company will provide $50,000. There’s also $25,000 coverage for the repatriation of remains.

You should get health insurance when you’re studying abroad to have peace of mind. You’ll never know when accidents or illnesses might happen. Of course, nobody wants that to happen, but it’s an unavoidable course of nature. Getting health insurance will not only give you peace of mind; your loved ones too will be relieved that you’re well covered. With that, choose the best health insurance provider for your special needs.


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