How Not to Let Your Disability Stop You from Achieving Personal Growth

mentally disabled man working

Some people were born with disabilities. But this does not stop them from achieving what they want. But for people who were thrown out of their comfort zone and suddenly became disabled, the process can be a bit gruesome.

Not being able to do the things you used to take for granted can take a toll on you. Some think being tied to a wheelchair, no matter how comfortable or lightweight it may be, is already the end of their glorious days. But if other people can survive, inspire, and succeed while living with disabilities, then you too can do marvelous things and achieve your goals even after a life-changing experience.

Why You Should Not Let Your Disability Define You

disabled man washing dishesMany think it is already the end of the world after being disabled. But in reality, one’s disability should never be the only thing that defines you. Sure, it can limit your movement and capacity to a degree. But this does not necessarily mean you are already your disability.

According to recent statistics, around 10% live with a disability. That means about 650 million worldwide are disabled. Among the popular disabled people in the world is Nick Vujicic. But despite his lack of arms and legs, he already achieved far more success than many people with no form of disability have managed to do so.

Nick is a philanthropist, an evangelist, and a motivational speaker. He has traveled to many places, inspiring people from all walks of life. He is a well-known author, lives an active lifestyle, and is a proud family man and father. Even without limbs,

Nick achieved many things and continues to become an inspiration to many. He never let his disability stop him. He did have his moments of ups and downs and even contemplated committing suicide during his childhood years. But after realizing he can use his disability to his advantage, he decided to become grateful and dedicated his life to inspiring others by sharing his experiences with the world.

How to Achieve Personal Growth When You Have a Disability

Having a disability has its cons. Doing simple chores can be frustrating. But this does not signify that you can no longer achieve whatever personal growth goals you may have. You can start by learning how to take care of yourself despite your limitations. Remember that a curious mind that never stops learning helps ensure growth.

Surround yourself with people who support, understand, and are accepting of you. This is not limited to your loved ones and the pros who continues to help you get back on your feet. This can also be a support group that allows you to be yourself. Growing your network and welcoming new connections can serve as a great contribution to your growth. Volunteering is another great way to give back to the community while inspiring others to look beyond what the eyes can see.

Remember that self-care is crucial for your growth. A healthy body and a calm and optimistic mind will be your weapon against all the negativity around the world. Lastly, start managing your time wisely. There is no reason to waste time on things that won’t contribute to your growth. Stop multitasking as single-tasking leads to better results.

No one said having a disability is easy. But if you let your disability define you, then that is how others will perceive you to be. You can still achieve better things if you learn how not to let your current limitations stop you from attaining your goals. Focus on your objectives and start improving yourself for the better.

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