How Gyms and Fitness Centers Readjust Their Services Today

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It’s hard to point at just one industry that the coronavirus hit the most. Whether it’s the travel or food industry, COVID-19 beat it until you can no longer recognize it. And look at fitness centers like gyms and yoga studios. Sure, a lot of them are operating now, but the measures that have to be taken are outstanding. It also requires the participation and cooperation of everyone, especially the gym-goers.

Aside from having to readjust their services, these fitness centers also have to remarket their offers. They use social media and PPC management to reach out to their target market. They have to let them know that they’re operating and will remain to do so as long as patrons follow the minimum safety requirements such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Gym-goers also have to bring their own towels and carry a sanitizing spray at all times.

Online Classes

Of course, trainers and gym instructors also have to find a way to augment their income. During the lockdown, they started offering online classes and subscription-based lessons. That is a way for them to earn while staying in touch with their trainees online. They need to be creative with their classes. They have to teach strength workouts using only the things one can find in the house. The challenge is to do these workouts without sophisticated and expensive equipment in a gym.

Group Classes

Group fitness classes were such a hit before the pandemic. Today, many classes already restarted, but they are smaller groups compared to before. Everyone has to maintain a six-feet distance for the classes to be possible. The gym also has to sanitize the dance rooms before and after every class. The participants should bring their own towels and sanitizers. They are also not allowed to get close to one another even during breaks.

Appointment System

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Before, gym patrons can go in and out of the gym anytime they want. It’s not the way gyms operate today. Many fitness centers require their members to schedule an appointment to use the gym facilities. The reservation has to be at least a day before so the gym can prepare the facilities and equipment you will use. The number of people allowed inside the gym is restricted. Also, trainers are not allowed to come close to their students, which means you need to be better at following their instructions from six feet away.

Is It Enough to Survive?

Surprisingly, gym patrons have been very receptive to the changes in the centers. They follow the rules. They schedule an appointment beforehand. Although some were unable to continue with their memberships, gym owners said it was mostly due to these members losing their jobs. They could not afford to go to the gym anymore. For the most part, gym-goers are patient and understanding of this new norm.

Although there are a lot of changes in these industries, people will only understand it better if these establishments continue to update them about the new protocols. It may seem a lot to take now, but with everyone’s cooperation, things will start to look up. This new normal will not be too different then.

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