Halt Your Horses! It May Be Better to Learn a New Language on Your Own

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It may be possible that you can learn a new language on your own better than if you enroll in a foreign language class. The common misconception is that we have to enroll in a structured class to learn French, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, English, and other languages. But for people with a faculty for languages, learning at their own pace may be the better option.

You can buy Spanish books for teachers and learn on your own. You can schedule the best time for you to study a new language. For example, if you’re working during the day, you can study in the afternoon or a few hours before you sleep. When it comes to self-learning, time is the most valuable resource that you have. If you control the amount of time you will study, you have a better chance of pacing yourself right.

You Can Focus on What Interests You

What interests you about this new language you want to learn? Is it the culture of the country? Their entertainment industry? A formal language class will teach you the basics. It might get boring because your interests lie in a particular component of the language. Trying to learn on your own will be easier if you control the pace of the lessons.

You Don’t Have to Compete with Anyone

In the confines of a classroom, you can’t help competing with your classmates. Who’s learning faster? Who understands fundamentals better? Who has the best tone and diction? Are you saying the words with the right intonation? This can sometimes stress people out. It may hinder your ability to learn. Everyone has a different speed of learning. You can take an online course or study with a friend. You can watch video lessons or read a book. You have control over the study methods.

You Don’t Have to Leave the House

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You can learn more in 15 minutes studying the language by yourself than you will in a one-hour class. Remember that you still need to commute or drive to class. The time it will take you to get there should have been spent relaxing. That’s stressful and time-consuming. You’ll have more energy to learn when you’re well-rested.

You Can Thrive in a More Relaxed Atmosphere

Language schools have a formal atmosphere. You have to be mindful of the ethnic and cultural differences of your other classmates. Are you okay with following formal rules? If you’re not a stickler for rules, you may find it hard to confine yourself in this kind of formal atmosphere. Learning by yourself creates a more relaxing environment where you can thrive and excel.

This does not mean that you should cancel your enrollment in a foreign class and go rogue. It is important to identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie first. If you thrive in a group setting, then you should continue with your foreign language classes.

Still, you can also check out some self-learning foreign language books and modules. These can increase your knowledge significantly about the language that you want to learn. You’ll be speaking it fluently in no time.

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