Four Most Common Causes of Foot Pain


If you’re feeling pain after running, you’re not alone. Ankle pain can happen to anyone, especially if you’re running regularly. Experts say that foot pain is a common issue among most runners, yet it remains most confusing because of the wide variety of potential causes.

While some foot problems may need an expert’s care, other cases are easily manageable with enough rest and a change in your running routine. Here are a couple of reasons people experience foot pain and how to deal with it to help you know more.

Ankle sprain

One of the most common causes of foot pain is an ankle sprain. It often happens when the ligament gets either stretched or torn. A few of the most common symptoms include pain, bruising, and swelling. Meanwhile, others experience the inability to use their knees. Mayo Clinic says that you can compress the ankle using an elastic bandage to stop the swelling. It would help if you also avoid activities that can cause your condition to get worse. Also, try putting an ice pack for at least 20 minutes every three hours.


Tendinitis is another condition that can cause discomfort or pain around the foot area. It usually happens when the tendon gets irritated or inflamed. Runners often experience tendinitis when they’re either running for too long or at long distances. It can also occur if you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes or if you have bad posture when making your sprints. A few of the most common symptoms include pain and limited swelling. Healthline also says that tenderness can also occur. You can also use ice, compression, and enough rest to treat the condition.

Stress fracture

foot massaging

A stress fracture is another reason why a person experiences pain on the side of their foot. Like tendinitis, the pain often starts mild. When left untreated, the pain will gradually progress until it becomes unbearable. Eventually, you’ll feel pain even when you’re on the field. The swelling and tenderness of the affected area will also be more visible. If any of the self-treatment procedures don’t work, then it’s best to go to a physiotherapy clinic.

Black toenail

A person can also experience a black toenail, otherwise known as subungual hematoma. It usually happens when a person’s toes continually rub against the front of the shoe. Thus, causing it to get tender and appear darker in color. Ill-fitting shoes are the most common cause of subungual hematoma. Never attempt to remove the old nail forcefully as it can become harrowing. You can leave it alone as long as the pain is tolerable. To prevent it from happening, ensure that you’re wearing the right shoe size every time you run.

For suspected strains that don’t respond to self-care treatments, scheduling an appointment with your doctor is necessary. Monitor your condition regularly until you fully recovered. If you have a severe sprain, your doctor may refer you to a specialist. Doing so will help you manage the swelling as you recover from your injury.

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