Five of the Most Secure Professions Right Now

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According to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University and released by the International Labor Organization (ILO), around 55 million domestic workers globally became victims of the COVID-19 pandemic during its peak. This translates to some 49.3 percent of domestic workers negatively impacted by the COVID-19 situation back in March 2020. This figure rose to 73.7 percent in May 2020 and then fell a bit to 72.3 percent in June 2020. These ill effects came in the form of a reduction in man-hours and in the worst cases, total job loss.

And with the dark clouds of the pandemic still looming above our heads, we should try looking at job opportunities that have proven to be resilient against pandemic situations. The good news is that there are quite a lot of these so-called resilient professions that you can try your hands on.

Here are five of the most in-demand professions right now, despite the current economic slump caused by COVID-19:

1. Software developer

A software developer earns an average of $105,090 each year—a take-home salary that others could only dream of. A degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant technical programs are required to land such a high-paying job.

2. Health coach

The pandemic made many people realize just how vital having a healthy body really is, especially when experts began unraveling the fact that those with weak immune systems have higher chances of falling victims to the deadly virus. It’s no small wonder why a career in health became among the hottest jobs to date. Those who wish to ride in on the demand should undergo a health coach training course where they will learn how to properly guide clients in achieving healthy bodies. Around 80 percent of graduates from such a course became employed, which is staggering given the current situation.

3. Statistician

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At $83,291/year national average salary, it’s hard to complain about being a statistician right now as it is among the most stable and highest-paying professions amid the COVID-19 crisis. This high-paying job also requires some sterling credentials—a Master’s in Survey Methodology, Mathematics, or Statistics should be enough to make you a qualified candidate for the position.

4. Information security analyst

Another entry from the tech industry is the information security analyst job, which pays around $81,555 each year on average. Since almost all industries connected to the internet require a highly-skilled tech expert such as this one, it would be among the most in-demand professions for a long time. Be sure to have your Bachelor’s Degree credential in Programming, Computer Science, or another related discipline ready when you show up for your job interview.

5. Physical therapist

Since many patients who would otherwise pay their PT a visit now prefers at-home treatment, a physical therapist is most sought-after these days. If you’ll choose this career path, expect a take-home pay of $74,462 on average each year. Passing the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE) is required for this position, as well as a state licensure to practice the profession. Also, a professional degree or Doctorate, preferably as a Doctor of Physical Therapy would increase your chances of landing a good PT job.

Which of these in-demand jobs right now appeals most to you? Leave a comment below.

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