Finals Fighting Weapons: Must Haves During Your Semester’s Finals

College student at the campus

College can be fun. It can be hella fun. However, all of that goes away when the endpoint of the semester draws near. Students who would typically be seen in their best club outfits every Friday night are all covered up in their PJs and sweaters. What was once a bar crawl has become a hunt for the most comfortable coffee shop. Study breaks include watching a cute cat video. A student’s laptop and Zebra printer become his or her new best friends – only to be betrayed when it suddenly needs repair at the time it’s most crucial.

Finals exams and papers are monsters sent by the devil himself. This is why one should consider preparing early to fight off these devil spawns. Here are some sem-end essentials that can save any student:

1. Money

Having the right amount of savings set aside for finals is crucial for any student. Being broke at this time is not ideal. Students would spend hours overnight in coffee shops desperately memorizing all the chemicals involved in different compounds or maybe writing 20 pages worth of research. Even if they won’t be splurging their money in coffee shops, they would still use up a good amount for making themselves drinks that they are bringing to the library.

There is also a philosophy of rewarding one’s self after slaving away at work or school. In the words of The Office character, _______, “Treat yo self!” Whether staying at home or going out to study, handling the stress of finals would require the wallet to take a few hits.

2. A Reliable Laptop and Printer

Some gadgets and appliances tend to have this thing where they decide to malfunction the minute before you pass your paper or when you have yet to save your design plate. A Zebra printer repair could also be pricey so making sure that your laptop and printer is up to speed a few weeks before finals can save you a lot of time and money. It can even save your face from your professor.

Make sure also to free up some space on your laptop that may be the cause of lag issues that might progress into program crashes when you can’t afford a crash.

3. Food and Coffee

College students having coffee

Students will be working more hours both during the day and night, which means that they can crash when they overwork themselves. Like machines need fuel, humans need food to continue to function. They should also be pickier with the food that they eat. Food high in fat can induce sleepiness; which is the last thing that someone on a study roll wants. Choosing healthy carbs and having the right amount of protein mixed in with some fiber can also promote digestion which is a process involved in energy production.

Coffee or any other drinks that are caffeinated also becomes essential to survive the sleepless study nights. However, caffeine intake must be kept in moderate amounts to avoid an excessively high alert state that will keep you from focusing.

These three essentials are the trifecta that can make finals a smoother ride for you.

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