Empty Nest Syndrome: A Close Look

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In 2018, Pixar’s short film entitled Bao which was released alongside the much awaited Incredibles 2, made a name for itself for a lot of good reasons. It might just run for 8-minutes long and has very limited to no dialogue. But it was able to convey a wide variety of emotions and tackle the reality of empty nest syndrome.

Although dumplings won’t magically come to life, it allows people to realize and subsequently understands that empty nest symptoms are something real. The topic might be sad, and at some point emotional, the short films help people realize that the feeling of longingness is not permanent and that there are ways to cope with it.

What is empty nest syndrome?

Some people seek professional help to help them cope with empty nest syndrome. Professional services for home organization, for example, can help one run an organized home, have their health and lifestyle in check while coping with empty nest syndrome.

But for others who choose to tackle the situation alone, it is best to understand what you are dealing with and know that the feeling is something normal and temporary. Empty nest syndrome is not a medical disorder but is a term given to parents who experience a sense of longingness, depression and emptiness among others due to the fact that their last child has moved out of their home.

It is common for adults to move out of their parents’ care and venture into the big world alone. Therefore, it is also common for parents to feel empty after the last child has left the nest. Empty nest syndrome can manifest in various ways, but there are as many ways to cope with it.

What are the ways to cope with it?

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Waking up one day without having to cook meals for your child to help prepare them to get to school or work can be liberating. But for people suffering from empty nest syndrome, this can be more emotional than relieving.

The feeling of emptiness, having too much time in your hands, or even worthlessness are all common and can be addressed depending on your needs and preference. Talking with a professional can help. Taking up a new hobby can also help the time pass faster while making you feel productive and useful.

A lot of couples use this time to reconnect with each other and rekindle the love and passion that has remained dormant for years because the children have to be prioritized. At this time and age, one would have the time, money, and resources to enjoy life and each other’s company, and that is what they should do.

Doing all these need not mean that one stops being a parent to your child. Once you are a parent, you would be for the rest of your life; it’s just this time you have to do it without having your child by your side all the time.

Empty nest syndrome is not easy, but it is something you can get through with the right help, resources, and time.

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