Employee Health: Surprising Ways to Encourage Employees to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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Employers during these unprecedented times learned how important employee health is. Without healthy and happy employees, your business will surely crumble. But aside from the health and safety measures, you can impose within your business, what else can you start doing to inspire your staff into embracing a healthier lifestyle?

It can be tricky to improve employee health, especially if they already developed bad habits over the years. But there is still hope that you can motivate them to change their life for the better. You can start by making certain changes within your organization to inspire them and make it easier for them to welcome a healthy change.

Boost Workplace Well-being

How your business looks and feels can affect the mood, health, and productivity of your staff. If their workplace is unclean, disorganized, and unhealthy, then it will be difficult to boost employee health and morale.

We can start by addressing workplace issues. Improve their surroundings from the inside and out. Ensure regular cleaning and disinfection as well as investing in projects that can boost indoor air quality.

Consider commercial landscaping to improve their surroundings. This helps boost the mood of employees. This can also help your business look a lot more eco-friendly, thus enticing eco-conscious consumers into your brand.

Develop rules that encourage a healthier lifestyle among employees. Consider smoke-free policies, a mental health plan, arrange fun runs, encourage charity events, stand up meetings, and even healthy food options in your pantry. Invite professionals such as a dietitian, fitness coach, counselor and etc. to give speeches and encourage healthy habits.

Offer Flexible Schedules or Remote Work Opportunities

Many staff fails to embrace a healthier lifestyle due to stress at work and home. Some employees lack the time to take care of their kids. Others have contradicting schedules causing their work to suffer.

Offering a more flexible working schedule allows your employees to pick dates and times of work. This gives them more time to handle their personal matters. The less stressed they are and the more flexibility they can have when it comes to their jobs, the healthier and more productive they get.

The same goes with offering work remote opportunities. When you offer remote work to some employees, you get to retain your best talents, especially those who have health conditions, are already in their retirement years, and could use a break from the traditional work setup. This helps reduce the number of employees in the office, save money, and help lower your office’s carbon footprint.

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Offer Employee Money Management Assistance

Money may not be the only thing that can make your employees happy. But financial issues are the biggest stress trigger of virtually every employee. Money could be the very reason why they fail to nutritious foods on time, why they can’t afford gym memberships or why they can’t get regular health checkups.

You may offer numerous bonuses, free gym memberships, and even a pantry filled with healthy food choices. You even offer excellent healthcare benefits, free consultations, etc. But if their reason for being unhealthy is due to financial stress, then you need to find ways to help them.

The good news is, you can help ease their stress through money management assistance programs. Offering free courses on how your employees can properly budget their finances, how to start saving consistently, and ways to invest in the future. You can start helping them mold better financial habits, reduce their stress, and start being healthy.

Boosting employee health leads to many perks. You get to retain staff and boost their productivity levels. With a healthier workforce, absences will be reduced. They will have more time to focus on their tasks, making your business a lot more efficient. With a more engaged and productive staff, your chance of boosting success will not be impossible.

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