Different Types of Hair Treatments to Try

Friends having a hair treatment in a salon

Achieving healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair is a never-ending journey. Aside from having a regular hair care routine and using only the best hair care products, getting luxury hair treatment at a salon or using products at home are also important to restore hair shine and improve overall hair health. With so many different hair treatments available at modern salons, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for your hair type or condition. Here are some of the best salon hair treatments you can try out.

Keratin Treatment

Frizzy hair is a battle that most women lose. To win the war against frizzy hair, Keratin Complex treatment is the salon treatment to have. It has been a popular smoothing treatment for more than ten years. It is known to deliver smooth results that last for weeks. Keratin treatment is more popularly known as the Brazilian Blowout, and it can transform hair from being curly to smooth, straight hair. However, the effect only stays until the hair grows out, then it will need another application in the salon.

This treatment is ideal for women with curly and frizzy hair that just won’t stay still. Keratin treatment gives smooth results without the need for flat irons and styling products. There are two methods of applying keratin to the hair. The basic keratin smoothing treatment provides shine and silky tresses for up to six months. On the other hand, the Brazilian Blowout gives off a solution which pelts the hair shaft and keeps curls at away for almost three months.

Scalp Treatment

People who experience itchy and dry scalp may ask for a scalp treatment from any salon. This service provides a wonderful feeling, and it corrects the oil production in the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. Scalp treatment can be done for people with oily scalp or those with dry flaky patches. Having a healthy scalp is necessary to have healthy hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

woman getting a hot oil treatment

This hair treatment is one of the most popular when clients want instantaneous shine and seal the hair cuticle. This results in silky hair that looks and feels smooth and well-nourished. The process usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the hair condition and health. The oil treatment is applied on the hair for around 15-20 minutes then rinsed out. Clients with colored hair as well as those with dry and frizzy hair can benefit from this hair treatment.

Hair Detox Treatment

This type of hair treatment is best for those who have undergone different kinds of hair styling and treatments. Excessive product use or exposure to chemicals will leave a buildup on the hair shaft and start hair damage. Hair detox treatment clears the hair shaft and improves overall hair and scalp health to encourage hair growth. A hair detox will also cleanse the tresses and remove impurities that cause it to lack the shine and lushness.

Hair damage is a common scenario that many people experience. There are many salon treatments offered today, and it pays to know which one will work for your hair condition. Next time you find yourself grimacing at split ends or fighting brittle hair, remember that a haircut is not always the solution. There are hair professional treatments to achieve beautiful hair every day.

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