Adulting in the Post-pandemic World

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Young adults struggled with the pandemic because it challenged the way they lived their independent lives. It’s customary for them to find their own homes in cities as they try to make it on their own without their parents’ financial support. But as the coronavirus spread in urban areas, young adults are forced to move back to their parents’ houses. This would ensure that they remain safe from the coronavirus.

In fact, the Pew Research Center reported that, by July 2020, 52 percent of young adults (those who are 18 to 29 years old) moved back in with their parents. We haven’t seen this many young adults living with their parents since the era of the Great Depression.

But with the recent progress with the vaccine and the promise of a new beginning, many young adults are trying to find their footing again. To gain independence again in the post-pandemic world, these are the things that they should remember to pursue.

Embrace the Changing Times with Technology

The tech industry thrived at the height of the pandemic. People tried to keep their lives as normal as possible while staying in quarantine and practicing social distancing. They’re able to gather food and other essentials, do their work, stay informed with the latest news, and connect with loved ones without ever leaving the confines of their home. And this was made possible only by technology.

So as someone embarking on adulting, it would be good to take advantage of that. First, explore the ways of having cashless transactions. Start with opening a bank account. Then look into websites and mobile apps that offer cashless transactions. COVID-19 forced us to think about the many ways to control the spread of the virus. And one of them is minimizing our contact with strangers through the exchange of cash.

FinTech Magazine reported that we might live in a cashless society by 2023. So as a young adult, it’s crucial for you to explore the many ways you can purchase products, pay for services, and settle bills through tech innovations that make it easy to pay without cash.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Keeping our bodies and our minds healthy is something that’s been said time and time again. Everyone knows how important this is. But it’s repeated all the time for a very good reason. It’s that many people have the tendency to forget the importance of keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

But the COVID-19 pandemic taught us how fragile our bodies could be when there’s a deadly threat. On the other hand, medical experts have taught us that the best way to fight off the threat of the coronavirus is by practicing social distancing and strengthening our immune system.

So as budding adults ready to strike out on their own, it’s important for you to always remember to boost your immune system. Try to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. Have a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure that your body mass index (BMI) is no more than 25. Eliminate anything that causes a huge amount of stress in your life.

Pursue Jobs that Communities Need

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As young adults who are driven by their passion for science, the arts, and other fields, it’s understandable if you want to pursue your professional dreams. But, in a post-pandemic world, it’s important as well to stay rooted in reality. The pandemic taught us how important it is to hold onto stable jobs with medical insurance and other benefits. We learned the great value of saving money for a rainy day. People will only be able to do that if they are working in jobs that would pave their way to a bright future.

So when COVID-19 inevitably passes, think of the jobs that communities will need to help with the recovery. You can join the healthcare industry because the community of healthcare workers has suffered a great loss. Many doctors, nurses, and other staff have passed away because of the coronavirus. You can also get into the tech industry and develop new hardware and software that could keep with the changing times.

2020 was, simply put, a very challenging year. Many of us lost our jobs or couldn’t find new ones. Children and teenagers struggled with distance learning and the unavailability of proper technological equipment. Physical and mental health were on a constant decline as people tried to deal with the pandemic.

But, we all know that, as we start with 2021, we’re having a chance for a new beginning. And as budding adults, you should be ready to face the changes in the post-pandemic world.

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