Are you a student?

One of the purposes of REALS is to interconnect students mainly from CEMUS, St Petersburg State University and Lund University Human Ecology Network (through Permaculture Sweden) with actors in different fields within the project themes.

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Guidance in your choice of field of study

The field of – small scale- sustainable solutions is often situated on the learning edge as we investigate what´s possible for us as people and as a future society. The interaction between students, entrepreneurs and civil society can be highly beneficial in being capable to find solutions for the future. There is a need to “think outside the box” in the choice of field of study, where innovative solutions based on local resources can come about. One of REALS aim is to support students in connecting their work and learning with other interested actors and contexts.
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Share material with us

If you know about work/research which has been done by you or other students on Bachelor, Master or PhD levels with a potential of being an inspiration and a knowledge source for sustainable living, you are welcome to send the material or/and links to

Material from CEMUS and Lund University