Reflections from “In Transition for Resilience”


“At the forum in Järna I experienced a fantastic hostmanship and an altogethergenuine ambition to create real change. I saw that it facilitated meetings which enabled the creation of new values and a willingness to be both responsive and sharing. I felt hope, strength and confidence – something that we often talk about and wish for, but which often can be a challenge to create. In a longer perspective, I am confident that the forum will lead to friend- and partnerships for life, new solutions based on meetings between different perspectives and areas of knowledge, and not at least the personal changes that are needed to make this community into a reality. For me, the forum has given a more solid foundation to lean back on for a transition in my personal life, at work and in my community. And with me, I carried several insights, frameworks and tools that I could immediately use and benefit from, and I met new friends that I already feel as close. I remember and think of the forum every day.

Karolina Nätterlund, (Region Jämtland, Sweden)

I really liked the organization of the forum. It was appropriate, effective, stress-free. And I was positively suprised that many topics not only focused on environment, but also human resilience and the connection to the human inner world. It was unexpected and helpful. The biodynamic place of the Forum was an excellent choice.

Olga Schiglinskaya (Ecohome, Belarus)


“The conference In Transition for Resilience was a wonderful way of understanding how we are connected to greater purposes of existence. It gave me and others, as participants, a wealth of  learning on coexistence. All presentations were great, except the time allotted were rather less, especially when new themes or ways are discussed- e.g GNH. People who came there were ver_DSC6078y spiritual and the connection to the elements made by our South American gentleman was good… Emilia was great (she is a real facilitator), the musicians, the one who wrote on the flow chart, and your friends conducting at different times were all good…they all knew what they were doing.  I appreciated highly the transition cafe system that you had organised at the end of the day. I think the number of days were adequate…I would be more prepared if I had to come next time. Thank you for giving me the chance to connect with right souls though this conference. I will definitely do a proposal on the GNH (Eco) Village as soon as I get time and share with you.”

Saamdu Chetri, (GNH Learning Centre, Bhutan)

“The Forum was like a catalyst, it empowered people (including me) to explore new directions in their activities and develop new projects, work and it provided new information.

The Forum was  a milestone on the road to resilience, it showed where we are now, what are the achievements, as well as the problems and challenges. Through dialogue we can map out where to go. I am sure that it is necessary to organize such forums regularly.

As for me, not only new information was important, but also the restructuring of the information, its systematization. Presentations, workshops, excursions and especially communication with the participants helped me to create a more holistic view of resilience and related challenges/opportunites. I did get a lot of information to share. However, I realise how I partly lack knowledge – it is a good result, too. I can see what I need to learn and where I can find the knowledge and related practical solutions.

The organization of Forum was ideal, it will be an example for me as the best available practice. New contacts and synergies with other participants provided an informal network. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, experience and the allocation of resourses for further activities.

The forum participants were from different countries and continents, they work in very different fields. Thanks to them, I could see more integral picture and realize that I am part of large community.

And, last but not least, for me personally,-  I felt happy all the days in magic Jarna and marvelouse ecovillage. I moved to my personal resiliece.

Thank you very much”

Lana Semanas, (Ecohome Belarus)