Posting on the website

This will show you how to make a new post, this could be News for the front page, a Resource for the database or a Workshop document from the project itself.

Login to the admin-page:
Name: (your login name)
Password: (your password)

Img. 1.

Now you see the administration dashboard with a menu on the left side.

To make a new post hover with the mouse cursor over ‘Post’ to see a sub menu. Choose ‘Add New’ (red circle in Img. 1.).

Now you’ll come to the ‘Add New Post’ page (Img. 2.)

Img. 2.
Img. 2.


Here you should start by giving you post a title, so fill in the row ‘Enter title here’. And then the post main text in the frame below.

You can use the editor like a simple wordproccessor, putting words in bold and italics and making lists etc. For headlines and paragraph headings you should choose ‘Heading 4’ and ‘Heading 6’ respectively, but be sure to have ‘Paragraph’ choosen for the main text. You’ll find them under the drop down menu to the bottom left of the toolbar.

For the news on the front page it’s good not to have the whole main text visible at first since the column then would be very long. To avoid this you have to insert a break so that the reader have to click on ‘Read more>>’ to see the whole text. Place the cursor in the text were you would like to have the break and click on the icon ‘Insert More Tag’ Moreicon in the upper row of the toolbar.

To insert a image in to your post you place the cursor were you would like the image and click the ‘Add Media’ button AddMedia on top on the toolbar. A window appear that shows the already uploaded media (images and videos) on the site, but to upload a new image you just have to drag and drop the image from your harddriveto the window. The winow turns into a blue color and the text ‘Drop files to upload’ appears.
After the image is uploaded you’ll see a new field to the right (Img. 3.)

Img. 3.

Here you can change the alignment (right, left och center), the size and if you want a text below the image (the field called ‘Caption’). Avoid using very large images by choosing ‘Medium’ in the size drop down menu. If you need to make changes to this after the image has been inserted you just have to press image in you post and click on the icon EditImage appearing in the top left corner of the image.

Img. 4.

If you are making post to the Resources database you’ll have to choose a image in a different way, so the post looks like the others in the list. First you scoll down until you see a frame to the right called ‘Featured Image’ (Img. 4.). Press ‘Set featured image’ and upload a image (or choose a existing one) just like you did above.

If you are posting a video that is on youtube och vimeo you should use a special way to get it right. Firstly you have to get the embeding link of the video that you would like to post. On you’ll find ‘share’ below the vieo, press it and then ‘Embed’. Now you see a code starting with ‘<iframe…> copy this. On you can either press the key ‘S’ on you keyboard or click on the share icon vimeoshare on the upper right side of the video when you have the mouse pointing over it. Copy the embed code found at the bottom of the window.
Back in wordpress you should now place the text cursor where you would like the video and press the icon reactorshortwordin the toolbar, then in the drop down menu choose ‘Flex video’. Here in ‘Video Embed Code’ paste the iframe code from youtube or vimeo and remember to set ‘Vimeo’ to ‘True’ in the setting, if the video is on vimeo.

Then an important step is to choose the categories that the post belongs to. It is only by doing this that the post will get to the right place in the site. To the right of the sceen you’ll see a frame called ‘Categories’. Click in the boxes before the relavant categories. Ignore the first Calendar categories. To get a post to appear on the frontpage choose the ‘News‘ category. You can choose several categories at the same time but it’s advisable not to mix ‘Workshop documents’ with the others (exept perhaps News).

Finally you can check how the post appear before you publish it by pressing the ‘Preview’ button to the upper right side of the screen. Make any changes and then click the ‘Publish‘-button.