Main partners:


PK-sverigePermaculture Sweden.

Lead Partner in REALS, a NGO which is part of the global PC network, with a large national network of associations, entrepreneurs , small scale business initiatives and people all working to apply solution focused and regenerative design to socio-ecological systems. Regular trainings, eg. certification courses (PDCs) and collaboration across borders between Sweden, Norway and Denmark are some main activities. The integrated perspective of Permaculture, is a design tool used to create sustainable human settlements and regeneration of natural resources.

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cemusCentre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS)

CEMUS is a university center within the “Centre for Sustainable Development Uppsala (CSD), initiated by Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The PP´s experience of interdisciplinary education and research as well as collaboration between students, researchers and society, are valuable competences in REALS. By engaging students and employees in activity management and participation, the PP will provide data, experience and interest for learning through building new networks in the BSR. REALS will give access to new fields of study and networks. Seeing the common interests between the PP and the aim of REALS, The LP contacted CEMUS in the framework of PreREALS.

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A multidisciplinary research & design studio working with Transition Design – an interdisciplinary method that combines design strategies with sustainable urban development and a holistic approach towards achieving local and communal transition. Projects range from “smart city” interactive visualizations to synergetic city farming. With an expertise of industrial design, green technology, sustainable architecture and urban planning, Greenelizer specializes in green design strategies, concept generation and development of sustainable products and systems. With a wide network of Scandinavian Cleantech companies, Greenelizer enters REALS as the main representant for private sector, and will contribute with resources, networks and competence from their work.

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REEN logo Ecovillages and Eco-Initiatives Network (REEN)

REEN has a long history but was formalized 2011 in the frame of SI funded EcovillagesPLUS project,initiating the present partnership contact. The organization unites 10 ecovillages and eco-initiatives, (often with100+ individuals in each), and associated members. In supporting development of ecovillages and their networks in Russia, REEN aims i.e. to draw together the ecovillage movement and traditional villages, host forums of eco-technologies, developing new forms of education for students in rural areas, and networking with society at large. These competences and approaches goes hand in hand with REALS objectives as REEN provides networks for knowledge exchange and experiences valuable for the project theme. REEN is also the main representant for the Ecovillage movement within the partnership. REEN is a partner in TESTS project sponsored by NCM.

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SPSU Department of Environmental Safety and Regional Sustainable Development (St.Petersburg State University)

Focuses on interdisciplinary education/research in the field of sustainable development and environmental management. Aims to develop leadership qualities and skills in students and youth. The PP provides tools for research, educational and practical solutions i.e. regarding systems of ecological management for enterprises and more, often adjusted to fit conditions in Russia. By working with other sectors, they have been part of setting strategies for sustainability in local regions i.e. Valaam, Leningrad region, and at present, in the Atkhangelsk region. Above described competences are valuable in REALS, as they provide access to information about Russian regions and conditions, and to sustainable solutions applicable in other BSR contexts. The department will be an important channel for dissemination of project results as well as contributor of data.

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A national level NGO in Belarus, started in early1990s in the framework of the first independent youth organization in the country, and rests on the principles of democracy and sustainability. By promoting healthy solutions and lifestyle, main directions are education/trainings in the fields of sustainability, organic agriculture and permaculture, Aarhus convention, organization and project management, and civic education. The PP is a leading member of “Green Alliance”(network of Belarusian environmental org), which is a core element in the national green movement, within which Ecohome organizes national activities. The NGO has excellent teams of trainers and experts in various fields. These topics, and the educational and networking aspects that the NGO carries, meet REALS objectives and common interest.

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A NGO focusing on urban development, waste management, natural resources and water plusbiodiversity governance. Areas of interest are in education (ie. Taining of professionals) and dissemination of information. PP also facilitates dialogue and knowledge integration between various stakeholders and sectors -public and private- in Belarus. The PP provides a platform and expertise on a diverse approach to socio-ecological problems, policies and planning. In developing international contacts, exchange and learning between the Partner countries, Ecoproject contributes with skills and experience regarding these aspects from the Belarusian side.

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Associated partners:

  • bee_urban
    BeeUrban Company, Sweden
  • hämta (3)
    Swedish Ecovillage Association (ERO)
  • Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)
    Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)
  • Hela Sverige Ska Leva
    Hela Sverige Ska Leva
  • Transition Sweden
    Transition Sweden
  • Flogsta Food, Sweden
    Flogsta Food, Sweden
  • Permakultur Stjärnsund, Sweden
    Permakultur Stjärnsund, Sweden
  • Center of Independent Social Research (CISR), Russia
    Center of Independent Social Research (CISR), Russia
  • Ecovillage Grishino
    Ecovillage Grishino, Russia
  • Integral Permanence, Sweden
    Integral Permanence, Sweden
  • Transition Järna/Omställning Järna
    Transition Järna/Omställning Järna, Sweden
  • Youth Initiative Program, YIP
    Youth Initiative Program, YIP, Sweden
  • Global Ecovillage Network – Europé (GEN Europé)
    Global Ecovillage Network – Europé (GEN Europé)
  • Lund University Human Ecology Division and Network
  • transition latvia
    Latvian Transition Initiative (Latvia)
  • ridgedale permaculture
    Rigedale Permaculture
  • holma folkhögskola
    Holma Folkhigh School, Sweden
  • Medvinka, Russia
    Medvinka, Russia
  • Company Ecodome, Russia
    Company Ecodome, Russia
  • Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN) (Baltic part of Global Ecovillage Network)
    Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN) (Baltic part of Global Ecovillage Network)
    NGO VIOLA, (Russia)
  • Beras International
    BERAS International, (Baltic reagion)