New approved Project:

Polyculture: food resilience through biodiversity in local communitiesdsc04305

The project –PolyCulture; food resilience through biodiversity in local communities has recently been approved by the Nordic Council of Ministers under the NCM program for NGO´s in the Baltic Sea Region. The project, which ties together NGO´s in 5 countries – Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Poland- aims to adress multiple challenges, with an approach focused on solutions through generation of activites and engagement related to local food and biodiversity, localities, communites, their places and food.

The overall objective of the project is to engage a “glocal” conversation and network within- and inbetween the partnercountries through the theme of biodiversity as integrated with foodproduction. The long term goal is to establish a broader movement focused on food resilience and citizen participation in the BSR through hands on engagement and learning.

All activites are participatory in their format, meaning that they are designed to create dialogue, new projects and ideas, good working relationships and simply – an increased connectedness inbetween people involved and their relation to soil and environment, in a practical and educational way.

This project is designed with a basis on national inventories which have been conducted thorugh a prestudy (financed by within the partnercountries with the aim to increase overview of actors and initiatives who are engaged related to food as integrated with biodiversity. Iterating themes in the study has been agroecology, agroforestry techniques, seed cultivation, perennial food-systems and more. Those are all topics which often are integrated within permaculture design ( – a tool which facilitates design of resilient and diverse systems, providing a wide array of socio-ecological solutions, always based on local and participatory forms of social engagement.

Permaculture has therefore been a common thread in the project partnership, without loosing the sight of other usable concepts and tools. PolyCulture has an educational approach, drawing inspiration from the long Nordic tradition of popular education, where it has been an important part of the development of democracy and civilparticipation.The long term aim with the project is to contribute to the establishment of a vivid – and solution focused, civil society-grassroot movement engaged in their localities, producing healthy food and contexts for communities and planet.

PolyCulture starts first of  March 2017 and is led by the Permaculture Association of Sweden,

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