In Transition for Resilience

– a platform for international synergy and REALS last international foruM


_DSC5740The Swedish Permaculture Association stood as the main host when the REALSproject held its last international forum “In Transition for Resilience” in Järna on June 16-19th 2016. Participants from 19 countries and from a variety of initiatives and networks gave each other space for important meetings, inspiration, learning, and new partnerships. The forum had a strong touch of East-West collaboration, as all the Baltic- and the Nordic countries were represented, including 16 participants from Russia.

Järna is probably Sweden’s foremost “Eco-region” with a nearly 100-year history in the context of sustainability and holistic approach with a diversity of places of best practices. The forum was held at several different locations
– including the permaculture cooperative “Under Tallarna”, the Waldorf inspired school Solvik and Järna Kulturcentrum (the former Rudolf Steiner seminar in Ytterjärna)- with the awareness that the power of “place” and different environments and sites can effect interpersonal encounters, learning and inspiration.

Many representatives from organizations and initiatives belonging to the wide Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Transition- and permaculture networks attended. A diversity of representatives from countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, England, Wales, Bhutan, USA, France, Luxembourg and Bolivia gathered during an interactive and versatile program set up. The program was built on the basis of a holistic approach to sustainable development -an integration which is increasingly asked for throughout all sectors and institutions in today’s society.

_DSC5968Diverse panelists, workshop leaders and facilitators carrying multifold perspectives and skills regarding sustainability were in place. Among them was Saamdu Chetri (Executive Director, GNH Learning Centre Bhutan) a bit of a  when he came to share the perspective of Gross National Happiness, GNH – which is the bhutanese government’s way of measuring national wellbeing, instead of using GDP. Further, the bhutanese GNH concept has come to inspire a global political happiness movement.

Present were also eco-builders from Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and other “hands-on” oriented people with skills within farming, gardening, biochar production and more.

Isabel Carlise (Transition Network Uk and South Devon Bioregional Centre) shared the perspective of Bio-regions, a concept which has long been used in the eg USA, which slowly comes to Sweden. Johanna Björklund (Örebro University and Agroforestry Sweden) who is a researcher and promoter of perennial, and climate- resilient farming systems, gave a lecture on the importance of building soil and biodiversity. Marko Anynandakis (The permaculture cooperative TERRA, Luxembourg) introduced Terra’s successful work with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) from an angle of agroecology.

The forum was part of the International Project REALS(Resilient and ecological approaches for living sustainably) and particularly took inspiration from the new network which links Ecovillage- , Transition- and Permaculture networks throughout Europe under the umbrella of “community- led initiatives for Sustainability “.

REALS is funded by the Swedish Institute –

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