REALS final international forum:

In Transition for Resilience
June 16-19th 2016

What is it to live in a way that truly supports the wellbeing of land, ecosystems, communities and people?

Welcome to Järna, Sweden, and four days of common exploration, inspirational talks and workshops, participatory forums and a fusion between movements, approaches and people.

The main host is The REALS projectpartnership, which is a coalition of partners from the Baltic- and it´s neighbouring region engaged in exploring how we as local communities, initiatives and people play a role for future sustainability and resilience. This forum is the final interantional event in the three year long project.

A diversity of actors within the area of sustainability will be participating in the Forum, but 3 key movements are going to be present during the days in Järna: Ecovillages (GEN)-, Permaculture- and Transition networks. The “coming together” of these three movements is a pattern which continues to repeat, with the European meta-network of ECOLISE as an important example which also has been a collaborative plattform for REALS extended network.


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Hosts: Permaculture Sweden, Under Tallarna, CEMUS, Greenelizer, + REALS full partnership


Among the contributors

Pella Thiel
Transition Network Sweden/ End Ecocide Sweden
While ecologist and nature interpreter by training, Pella spends most of her time as a self-employed change agent within the ... Read More
Marko Anyfandakis
Marko is a Social Anthropoligist and Permaculture Designer and has spent the past 3 years establishing TERRA, a 2 hectare ... Read More
Robert Hall
Global Ecovillage Network of Europe
Robert is a full-time activist in the ecovillage movement sharing time between the development of his own home community, Suderbyn ... Read More
Isabel Carlisle
South Devon Bioregional Learning Centre
Isabel lives in Totnes, Devon, England and is Education Coordinator for the Transition Network. She designed and runs a course ... Read More
Roman Sablin
Eco Couch, Russia
Since 2010 Roman has been inspiring by his own example and presentations dozens of thousands of people in Russia, Ukraine ... Read More
Dr.Saamdu Chetri
Gross National Happiness (GNH) Centre, Bhutan
Was born in rural Bhutan and holds a Ph.D. in Commerce. In 1982 he became the first government graduate to ... Read More
Erik Stenberg
Rude Food
Erik is one of the co-founders of Rude Food. Rude Food is a not-for-profit organization, running a food surplus catering ... Read More
Igor Markovkin
Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union
More than 10 years Igor has interacted with Russian ecovillages movement, creating films (“Big Stone”, “2011”), writing articles about their ... Read More
Irina Sardarova
IFOAM Euro-Asia
With a Master in Ecology and Nature Management, and a completed course in Organic agriculture/gardening and Leadership, Irina promotes the adoption ... Read More
Aleksey Shirshov
Natural School
Having graduated from philosophy department, ten years ago Aleksey started to research and work with natural materials for finishing and ... Read More
Maria Richter Simsek
Processdesigner/ Tinyhousebuilder
Maria believes that the ability to co-create is essential to build a long-lasting world. She practice that belief as a self-employed processdesigner, ... Read More
Annika Laurén
Ekobanken Cooperative Bank
is one of the founders of Ekobanken Cooperative Bank 1996-1998 and has been CEO of the bank ever since. Annika ... Read More
Jostein Hertwig
Jostein is Attorney at Law with more than 20 years’ experience in international business development, cooperation, networking and negotiations. After ... Read More
Mikael Karlsson
Vital ecosystems are the basis for the wide range of ecosystem services that the world’s forests provide. When a forest ... Read More
Jordan Lane
Architect - URBACT
Trained as an architect in both Australia and Sweden, Jordan has a strong interest in urban ecosystems and place specific ... Read More
Sven Aluste
Sven Aluste is natural builder, trainer and networker from Estonia. He is a caretaker of the Earth whose main function ... Read More
Karolina Nätterlund
Region Jämtland Härjedalen Designcentrum
Karolina Nätterlund Karolina in av industrial design engineer who found biomimicry – innovation inspired by nature, when searching for solution ... Read More
Susanne Zetterblom
Since her early teenage years, Susanne has been influenced and challenged by finding ways of living more sustainable, including the ... Read More
Martin Hultman
Linköping University, Sweden
Associate professor Martin Hultman work as lecturer at Linköping University, Sweden. As a scholar and citizen he is a catalyst ... Read More