In Transition for Resilience – Mini documentary

The film was made during and after REALS final forum in Järna Sweden. Project partners, associated partners and other guests shared and co-created 4 days in the “eco-region” Järna, south of Stockholm.

The overarching theme of the forum was Resilience –on how resilience is created on different levels of life. The different days had the following themes:

Day 1: Earth Care ; which forms of earth stewardship do we see, and how do we use them and make them our own?

Day 2: Social Care ; what does community mean to us, how is it created? What is social and personal resilience?

Day 3: Fair Share ; what is economy and how can it support ecological and social health? Which tools and approaches do we have in relation to sharing what we have?

Day 4: Creative Action ; Which are our next steps and what gives the creative willingness to walk them?

The eastern part of the partnership, and their engagement in the forum are not fully mirrored in the film. All participants can be seen in the gallery/photo documentation.

Thank you 
David Roxendal and!