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SEEDS conference – 2017

Saturday 18 nov. Studiefrämjandet Falken, Göteborg 10:00 – 18:00 Open invitation with registration. Limited to 50 people. The conference is in English Register here: The conference is free but bring your own lunch. Fika/coffee is available for cash/swish. Find the place: Falkgatan 7, 416 67 Göteborg Close to… Read More»

Report on Seed saving and Heirloom varieties

… Since humans always have made selections and been engaged in the reproduction of plants this means that our cultures have envolved closely together. This can be seen as if the cultivated plants are also carrying our cultural history, ever changing and envolving. What has been leading this evolution has… Read More»

November 19-21st: Conference on Education and Sustainable rural development, Arkhangelsk Russia

Siniki Village, Yst’yansky district, Arkhangelsk, Russia The village Siniki following the same pattern as so many other rural villages around the world. The young generation sees little possibilities or interests to stay in the village, and the population decreases rapidly. The role that the village school plays is crucial for… Read More»

Russian film about the value of earth­worms

This animated film is used to give children insight into the important value of worms to mantain healthy soils and to clean the environment from radiation (related to Tjernobyl) and other pollutants. From Russia


Crowdfunding is a fast growing way to fund good ideas but where the initiatives doesnt have the money needed. It is a way to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Below you find crowdfundingsites which have a specific aim to support initiatives within… Read More»