Monthly Archives: August 2016

Next steps following Reals

During September and October 2016, (during the projects reporting period) we list direct-, indirect- and other relevant outcomes related to REALS on this page. Here is a beginning: FoodDiversity: A prestudy financed by the Swedish Institute. It had an agroecological focus on the benefits of integrating Biodiversity and food. Polyculture: Application… Read More»

Report on Seed saving and Heirloom varieties

… Since humans always have made selections and been engaged in the reproduction of plants this means that our cultures have envolved closely together. This can be seen as if the cultivated plants are also carrying our cultural history, ever changing and envolving. What has been leading this evolution has… Read More»

Stockholm Food Movement

Please join the Stockholm Food Movement! Together we’re working towards building the next generation of leaders in the food industry. Through collaborative learning, global inspiration and localised action, we aim to make a positive impact towards reaching a more sustainable food system. Since REALS forum in Järna there´s a biweekly meetup… Read More»