ECOLISE – a new european umbrella for sustainable localities



The new European umbrella for local community-led initiatives for climate change and sustainability, ECOLISE, continues to develop. The idea is to bring together permaculture, Transition, ecovillages and eco-municipality movements as well as any other grassroots community actions.
ECOLISE receieved great interest when it was presented publicly on 16-17 January at the EU´s largest gathering on Social Enterprise and again in the European Parliament on 19 February. Working groups on learning and exchange, research, policy and funding have begun and research applications have been made on behalf of the new coalition. There are ideas of jointly gathering knowledge and using GIS to geographically facilitate connections between local activists all across Europe. It is hoped that ECOLISE-style cooperation, similar to REALS, could be happening all over Europe.


ECOLISE is still in the process of becoming a Belgian-registered international NGO, translating its statutes to French and gathering the documents of the founding members. Baltic Ecovillage Network, covering all REALS countries will be a founding member along with the Estonian and Danish ecovillage networks. The new Swedish association Transition has said it will join. There has been some dialogue with Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiate Network, Permaculture Sweden and Transition Denmark but so they have not submitted documents to become founding members. The period to become a founding member will be open until the end of February.

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