Producing Food & Goods

How can production strengthen social, ecological and economical aspects integrally?

FoodDiversity PreStudy launches at Sambruket

New Baltic Sea Region partnership explores benefits of integrating biodiversity into small-scale food production to enhance food security

This website offers a free email and agroforestry journal for practitioners, extension agents, researchers, professionals, students, and enthusiasts. One edition is sent each month focusing on a concept related to designing, developing, and learning more about trees and agroforestry systems. Focuses on trees and their roles in agriculture, natural ecosystems, human culture and… Read More»

Huge interest for Agroforestry in Sweden

The 1st national conference on Agroforestry took place the 7-9th of November in Stjärnsund, Sweden . This was a big step in the formation of a national network related to the theme, where a diversity of stakeholders are participating and together explore solutions for resilient and regenerative pathways of working… Read More»

Kremeterhof Austria, Joseph Holzer

A visit with Joseph @ Krameterhof. Apologies for bad colour & subtitles but original files are not with us to change this. Hope the content will inspire those that are interested. Filmed by

Plants for a future

How can you use the wild and cultural plants around you? Plants For A Future (PFAF) presents approximately 7000 species of plants. PFAF is a charitable company, originally set up to support the work of Ken and Addy Fern on their experimental site in Cornwall, where they carried out research… Read More»

Fermentation of food, Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz is one of the foremost inspirers within the area of fermented foods.  He is taking the world of fermentation to new levels with innovative recipes and introductions to methods often unknown even to people whom already are familiar with the art of fermentation. On his website he shares knowledge,… Read More»

Perennial plant profiles

Perennial plants and crops offer a low energy, oil & resource input based foundation for future-proof agricultures. By default if an agriculture is to be called regenerative the bottom line is that it must be soil building, not soil depleting. See Richard Perkins BLOG which introduces you to interesting perennial varieties… Read More»