Here we offer access to data which is in in line with the view of REALS. They are sources for inspiration and information – hopefully usable for your local projects. The data is categorized under the themes situated below.

The database of resources will be further developed during the projectperiod.
If you have resources which you see as valuable to publish here, please share it with us

Important: In regard to the framing of the project, we choose not to focus on High-tech solutions. This does not mean that High Tech isn´t seen as an important complement to the following “resources”.

FoodDiversity PreStudy launches at Sambruket

New Baltic Sea Region partnership explores benefits of integrating biodiversity into small-scale food production to enhance food security  

8 forms of capital

“What would it look like if we re-designed the global financial system using permaculture principles?” and “What if our financial system looked more like an ecosystem?”

Conference on Sustainable Forestry and Consumption

March 30-31st in Podporozhye, Leningrad region, Russia What is sustainable forestry practice, what is needed for that practice to take place and how can we find common ways of reaching the goal of regenerating and sustaining forests? These where key questions underlying 2 days of conversations at the conference ”Sustainable… Read More»

This website offers a free email and agroforestry journal for practitioners, extension agents, researchers, professionals, students, and enthusiasts. One edition is sent each month focusing on a concept related to designing, developing, and learning more about trees and agroforestry systems. Focuses on trees and their roles in agriculture, natural ecosystems, human culture and… Read More»

Huge interest for Agroforestry in Sweden

The 1st national conference on Agroforestry took place the 7-9th of November in Stjärnsund, Sweden . This was a big step in the formation of a national network related to the theme, where a diversity of stakeholders are participating and together explore solutions for resilient and regenerative pathways of working… Read More»

Organic farms in Belarus

REALS partner Ecohome are visiting pioneers within organic farming in Belarus. Here is a presentation of the first farm, which also has been selected as an demonstration farm for permaculture techniques within the project

What can local economies be? Videos from Nordic Living Local economies conference in Åre, Sweden

      You find more videos from the conference here . The seminars involves different stakeholders from the Swedish networks – among others Transition Sweden and Hela Sverige Ska Leva (Associated Partners in REALS).