Education & Facilitation

How can we learn more about regenerative sustainability and act as facilitating leaders?

Interested in Holistic Management, Keyline design and Permaculture?

One of REALS Associated partners is the farm Rigedale Permaculture in Värmland, Sweden. It is one of the worlds foremost places for learning an integrated approach of holistic management, permaculture, keyline design and more. Below you find a review from people making a 8-week internship onsite.  Courses in different formats… Read More»

One year in transition – a new model for learning towards transition?

  How can sustainable means of living and doing what you love also be what you live from? Isabel Carlisle, founder of One Year In Transition (1YT), was recently invited to Sweden by CEMUS at Uppsala University to introduce a new model for learning in transition.

Stockholm Resilience Centre

  “In order to solve the great environmental problems of the world, we need to change course. Our hope is that the Stockholm Resilience Centre will contribute essential knowledge that is needed to steer development onto a sustainable path,” Johan Rockström, Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre.   “Our societies… Read More»