Almedalen: Press Release / Invitation

Permaculture in Sweden, REALS and Transition Sweden will be at “Almedalsveckan” june 28th – july 5th 2015

How can the bridges of dialogue be built between the colorful diversity of players found in the Swedish society? And how can these bridges permeated by a holistic approach, ecological and social care, and with a focus on equitable distribu2014-07-03 12.00.04tion of resources, locally and globally, both between humans-humans and between humans-ecosystems? Can Almedalsveckan 2015 work as a forum for societal Transition?

“Almedalsveckan” in Visby, Gotland is a forum which year after year gathers a wide spectra of actors with a common ground in their interst of societal influence and impact. Although large parts of the Swedish society are heavily underrepresented in Almedalen, the variety of non-profit organizations, political parties, government employees, businesses, individuals and tourists -to name a few – created a huge platform with opportunity for networking between people who might not otherwise meet.

Many argue that it often happens something special in meetings at Almedalsveckan – whether it is a meeting on a street corner, during a seminar, or at a late dinner. Perhaps that special quality is one reason why many go to Almedalen – to network, “be surprised” and take their work and actions to a new level? Whatever the motive, it seems like there´s an openness for learning and a wish to mirror own “agendas” in those of others, or at best “set the agendas aside for a moment”.

Permaculture in Sweden; REALS and Sweden will be in Almedalen hosting several events that take place in collaboration with other organizations and networks. The intention is that our presence during the week to be permeated by Transition- and permaculture ethics and values, where the focus lies on: holistic thinking (earth care, social care, fair shares); the role of community-led action; positive visioning and focus on solutions; diversity seen as resource; inclusion and openness/transparency; networking; inner transition.

Events during the week:

Between Monday 28 June and Thursday, 2 July, we organize the following seminars and activities:


  • Is inner Transition needed to solve today’s social-ecological challenges?

3 interactive meetings in conjunction with initiatives co-development:

29/6  11:30 to 12:45, 30/6 , 11:30 to 12:45, 2/7 , 09:45 to 11:15  St. Hans gården, Hansgatan 32

What significance does our worldview and our self-image have for the ability to find solutions to today’s socio-ecological challenges? Can interactive conversations and meetings increase our capacity for sustainable lifestyle and transition?

Organizer and facilitators: REALS Permaculture Sweden, Initiativ Samutveckling, Transition Network; Peter Hagerrot, Amanda Martling, Emilia Rekestad, Pella Thiel

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  • Picknick for Transition: How can we meet global challenges in our local contexts?

1/7 12:00 to 12:30 Next to the Botanical Garden. Meet at Tranhusgatan 5. Cancelled in case of rain / excessive bad weather.

Welcome to share a picnic with conversations about sustainability. Special focus is given to the importance of local community involvement and participation for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Take with you what you want to eat, drink and sit on. (Please minimize garbage)

We sort and recycle the garbage produced, but be happy to take compostable or reusable plates / cups and packaging.

Organizer: Permaculture Sweden, REALS, Transition network, CEMUS


  • Ecocide legislation as leverage for sustainable investment flows  

1/7  4:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m., Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, Room D20

Interest in international law on crimes against nature -ecocide- is growing globally. Such legislation could mean big changes in investment flows. What doors are closed and which is opened? Is this proposal feasible?

Panelists: Annika Lauren, VD, Ekobanken, Jonas Roupé, Marknadschef RagnSells. Pella Thiel, End ecocide Sweden. Stefan Hemmingsson, cirector of climate, WWF Sverige.

Organizer: Ekobanken, Transition network Sweden End ecocide Sweden, Cemus, REALS, Permaculture Sweden

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  • When “PLANETARY BOUNDARIES” isn´t enough as a story – what do we do?

2/7 2015 8:00 to 8:50, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3

Global network of local initiatives for transition are emerging worldwide. People act locally and on their own initiative for a sustainable future. What do they have in common? Are they providing hope in a time of widespread hopelessness? And what does community engagement mean for future sustainable solutions?

Participants/panelists: Pella Thiel, Transition network. Annika Laurén, CEO, Ekobanken, Peter Hagerrot, Transition network. Emilia Rekestad, Swedish Ecovillage Association, REALS, Terese Bengard, director, Hela Sverige Ska Leva/ Whole Sweden Shall Live

Organizer: Ekobanken, Transition network Sweden, REALS, Permaculture Sweden, Cemus

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The participation of REALS and Permaculture Sweden in Almedalsveckan is supported by the Swedish Institute (


Link to program flyer in swedish: Program Almedalen Permakultur, Omställning, REALS